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Dennis with his creationsDennis Kager is a veteran of the electronic music industry. Dennis began his career with Ampeg in 1964, working as Service Manager, Quality Control Manager, and was part of Ampeg’s developmental team, where he earned a patent for Ampeg‘s horizontal bass design. In 1970, Dennis left Ampeg to start the very successful Dennis Electronics. Started in Belleville, and later moving to Union City NJ, Dennis Electronics was the "go to" place for acts playing in the tri-state area. While at Dennis Electronics, Dennis developed many innovative modifications, some of which found their way back into the products which he was servicing. Dennis departed Dennis Electronics to start Sundown Technology in the early 80s and earned additional patents in circuitry design. In 1998, Dennis started the well respected, Central Jersey Music Service in Edison NJ. Through the years, Dennis has worked very closely on design projects with Fender, Rhodes, Ampeg SVT (all generations), Gorilla USA., Yamaha (Soldano Project), Pignose, Reverend, Vox (Korg USA), among others. He is industry respected and his services are sought out by performers, manufacturers and hobbyists. These days, under the name of Dennis Electronics, Dennis specializes in the service, restoration, modifications and design of tube amplification, including Sundown, Fender, Ampeg, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Vox, Reverend, Yamaha T Series, Pignose. MusicMan, Plush, HiWatt, SoundCity, Traynor and others. Additionally, Dennis specializes in the service and restoration of Fender Rhodes pianos and tube Leslies. Services available by appointment only.
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